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Whole Wide World Toys, Inc.


As Founder & President of Whole Wide World Toys, Inc., I have established a vibrant, new company with the purpose of immersing kids in new worlds of creative play and building cultural understanding.

World Village Playsets, launched in 2015, are fun and engaging educational toys that immerse kids in fascinating cultures. World Village Playsets has been recognized by respected toy awards and press reviews for it's play value, social consciousness and high quality.

Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Socially Responsible 2015
Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Toys of the Year 2015
Parents’ Choice Silver Honor, 5/15
Creative Child 2015 Toy of the Year Award, Kids Playsets
Creative Child 2015 Preferred Choice Award, Kids Playsets

In addition to Whole Wide World Toys, I founded and continue to run two thriving networking groups - one online and one face-to-face. I've been a sought-after mentor and speaker for professional networking and educational organizations.

With Procter & Gamble, I lived and worked on four continents, including consumer research in many different cultures, as well as positions in manufacturing, engineering, product development and marketing.

I'm motivated by understanding consumers and creatively solving their problems as well as my social goals of promoting cultural understanding and creative play.

My company, Whole Wide World Toys, is both socially and business driven with the full knowledge that social goals are best met by a thriving business.

My most dominant work characteristics are problem solving and hard work. With my varied background I've developed the confidence to both learn whatever's necessary to proceed step-by-step toward my goals, and to garner resources as needed. My goal orientation enabled me to bring a complex product line to market despite a myriad of obstacles and in a new industry.

Specialties: Consumer Research & Understanding, Product Design, Cultural Understanding

Laura Barta