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My goal in life is simple - Have Fun Helping Others. That means helping you.

At Toy House I helped you get the right items for your nursery to make your life easier. I helped you keep your kids safer by teaching you how to install their car seats. I helped you find the right toys that would help your children grow and develop. I nurtured an incredible group of you to form one of the best retail teams in the toy industry. And, yes, I did get to play with toys every day.

Now I am the National Sales Manager for HABA USA, a fabulous toy company selling toys, dolls, games, and more to retailers across the globe. I'm doing what I have always done - have fun helping others. Now I help my sales reps help their retailers help their customers - and I still get to play with toys!!

I started for the sole purpose of helping you the independent retailer and small businesses owner.

Do you need help increasing your profits through better control of your inventory, smarter pricing, and an understanding of your financials? I can help you.

Do you need help improving your marketing and advertising through a better understanding of how advertising works and how to craft a message that moves the needle? That's one of my favorite things to do!

Do you need help raising the bar on your customer service to the level that makes customers not only want to return, but bring their friends with them? That is probably what I do best.

You can get help through my books, blog, and magazine articles. You can hire me to do keynotes, seminars, workshops and webinars. You can hire me for private consulting and coaching, too.

We'll both have fun in the process. I promise!

Thanks for viewing my profile. Let me know what kind of help you need.