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Panda Mony Toy Brands


Rank: Founder/President/Brand Ambassador
Hometown: Riverside, CA

Bio: Real estate mogul. Computer programmer. Breakfast cereal aficionado. All of these describe President and Founder Ryan Magnon. The youngest of eleven children, he got started early working with his family in a number of businesses. Striking out on his own, Ryan educated himself in computer programming, storytelling, and character design. He started his first company, Magnon Opus Productions, to sell animated projects, but that didn’t scratch his itch.

After a few years developing web video games and apps for kid’s companies like Mattel, Bandai, and Disney/Marvel he decided it was time to develop his own toy lines. He was tired of seeing the same toys relaunched and rebranded over and over again. Kids today deserved something new, not just their parents toys repackaged for the new millenium! Thus Panda Mony Toy Brands was born. No reboots. No rehashes. No relics.

Powers and Abilities:
Brand Ambassador
Fresh Intellectual Property Generation
Bitchin’ Mohawk