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I've been in the toy industry for fifteen years and have been a member of ASTRA for twelve years. My role at GPI has evolved over the last few years as the company has grown and I've now settled in in a dual role as an Account Manager and Marketing Manager.  I cut my teeth in the industry at The Haywire Group, joining them in 2006 when Haywire was in its infancy. My role there grew along with the company. It was a wild ride, doing everything from entering, packing and shipping orders, unloading containers, forecasting, sitting in product development meetings, learning how to create a catalog, managing sales rep groups, creating websites and marketing collateral - basically I held every role in the company except accounting and being the owner.  With ASTRA, I have served on the Board of Directors, Innovation Council, as Chair of the Marketplace & Academy Planning Committee and as a member of multiple subcommittees under the Planning Committee, including the Breakout Session Sub-Committee.