AMA Schedule

AMA Schedule

Leading up to Marketplace, ASTRA will be hosting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) in the Marketplace & Academy Connect Community. Here's how it works:

Step 1) Log in to
Step 2) Locate the appropriate AMA thread

Step 3) Ask your questions by replying to the thread!

It's that simple! Check out our schedule for upcoming AMAs and find the links to past AMAs below:

Date of AMA Speaker Marketplace & Academy Session Add to Calendar
04/20/2017 Steve Starobinsky

Trend Forecasting: Insights, Ideas & the Next Big Thing 

View the AMA now!
04/27/2017 Jean Bailey Play as a Path: Emotional Intelligence from the Inside Out View the AMA now!
05/04/2017 Craig Melby Leasing? Maximize Your Safety & Profits View the AMA now!
05/11/2017 CPE Workshop Facilitators: Jean Bailey & Kerry Bauer CPE Workshop View the AMA now!
05/18/2017 Mark Hauser Games: The Impact on Society View the AMA now!
05/25/2017 Emily Guffey Why We Buy: Psychology of Buying & Selling View the AMA now!
06/01/2017 Zoe Sadler & Brian Ewing Share Your Store's Play on Social Media Every Day! View the AMA now!
06/08/2017 Alice Brooks Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes View the AMA now!
06/15/2017 Lillian Davis Outlook Secrets for Sales Reps View the AMA now!
06/22/2017 Tim Walsh Right Brain Red: 7 Ideas for Creative Success View the AMA now!